About UNA

The story so far...

We began life back in 1997 as an alliance of Partner Insurers and Member Brokers. Then known as UNITAS, the organisation represented a unique opportunity to provide technical support, facilitate channels of communication and crucially, generate incremental premiums from which both its Members and Partners would benefit. Now some twenty years on the organisation has regrouped under our new brand UNA, which represents the new us, totally focused and structured to meet our ambitious plans for expansion.

How the UNA Alliance works...

The UNA proposition is simple ­we are a national alliance of brokers and insurers working together for mutual benefit ­and their clients, UNA is the mechanism that makes this happen.

The UNA organisation is a non-profit making company owned by its members, which operates from a number of centres in the United Kingdom.

UNA is overseen by a Board of Directors, which comprises owners and senior players from member brokers. Project groups reporting to the board collectively deliver new product development and a comprehensive range of management services. These are designed to assist members to grow their businesses, achieve sustainability and deal with the increasingly technical aspects of the industry.

Effective communication lies at the very heart of the UNA proposition and is delivered via our intranet, newsletters, bulletins, access to the board quarterly meetings and our annual conference.

The way ahead...

Under the leadership of Executive Chairman Tim Ryan and a Board of Directors that boasts an impressive breadth of industry experience, UNA is seen as an insurance industry force to be reckoned with.  The strength of the alliance is clearly displayed in the desire and aim to increase the scope and number of exclusive UNA branded products, which in turn drive business, by enhanced client retention and acquisition via the Members through to the Partners. We have the ambition that everything we do is for the ultimate benefit of clients and members.

We conservatively estimate that under our new regime we can grow the business by in excess of £100 million over the next three years to approaching £500 million per annum of UK general business!