Project Groups

At the heart of UNA lies its regular Project Groups. These are designed to meet the areas of development identified in the UNA Business Plan. Each is completely autonomous and has financial backing to achieve their individual aims. The groups work for the collective good of the alliance bringing together the best brains to solve common issues

Communications Group

The Communications Group oversees the effective deliverance of UNA’s key messages. Amongst its target audience includes our members; external partners, the media and clients. This forum also has responsibility for website development, Intranet, our annual conference and external PR.

Business Support Group

Our Business Support Group (BSG) has responsibility for supporting members on regulatory issues and business processes. It works closely with the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to ensure that the independent broker voice is heard. People are key to any business.

People Development Group

The People Development Group is a forum for supporting joint activities in the areas of training, education and performance management. This Group's aim is to ensure that our individuals are amongst the best trained and technically competent within the Insurance Industry, allowing members to offer clients the highest standard of customer care and service. We have created our own Academy to support and encourage the growth of own talent.

Whether they be homes, works of art, valuables, boats, motor vehicles or any other personal asset. The group has spent much of its energy in the last year looking at issues with family fleet and your drivers where many clients face problems.

Financial Directors Group

The financial directors or financial controllers of member firms meet to discuss all aspects of financial matters that effect our industry whether that accounting standards, tax, capital or banking issues.
They also oversee the budgets and financial matters of UNA itself. They also have prime responsibility for investments and premium finance  facilities for UNA.

Claims Group

Claims Group is our youngest group having only been formed in 2012 there was a common consensus that we needed to do more to ensure the highest possible expertise and service was delivered to our customers in their hour of need. The group has set about renegotiating with all of our insurers to put in agreed levels of service and local as well as national champions who can be brought into claims if issues are identified. We have been able to improve the service to our clients significantly.

Private Clients Group

Private Clients Group as the name suggests looks after the very important issues raised by our clients who value advice and attention to their most valuable assets homes, valuables, motor cars, boats, etc. They have tackled many difficult issues facing our clients, young drivers, listed and properties under going re construction are topics that have posed problems and solutions have been achieved and are continually being reviewed. We want our clients not only to have excellent service on their businesses but also in their domestic environments.